Relaxation Programs

Hammond-Beyer Health Center, P.A. offers several 30 – 45 minute relaxation programs.

The Galaxy Mind Machine Light/Sound therapy program utilizes the spinalator massage table or a comfy massage chair with selected music or guided imagery as well as programmed light therapy designed to promote relaxation, meditation, energizing, or awareness. You select the program from many options.  The flickering lights are programmed to help your brain access various states of mind, like relaxation, creativity, or enhanced energy.  We recommend scheduling a session with Dr. Kim so she can understand your needs and design appropriate protocol.



The Spinalator table has massaging rollers that move up and down your spine and relax your muscles for a spine- soothing experience.  It is an intersegmental traction table that helps open up the joints in your spine as well as massaging your back.  Frequently used before a chiropractic treatment, this table also can be used for single sessions anytime or as part of a programmed protocol with the Galaxy Mind Machine.