Mind-Body Therapy

Would you like to…

*move from habit to choice?                                                                               *find new ways to relate to yourself, others and the world?                           *move through grief and loss?                                                                               *enjoy greater self-esteem?                                                                                 *resolve unfinished business?                                                                           *increase body/mind awareness and acceptance?                                         *recover from abuse?                                                                                           *find joy and celebration in life?

Dr. Kim Hammond-Beyer is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist® and offers this method of dynamic integration of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. The simultaneous use of talk therapy and gentle touch combines imagery, movement, listening touch, and humor with reflective listening and dialogue.

The Rubenfeld Synergy® method integrates elements of Alexander, Feldenkrais, Gestalt and hypnotherapy into a mind-body therapy that helps you to access feelings and images that have been hidden in your body for years, creating tension, pain, and distorted perceptions. Unacknowledged feelings from past experiences that are stored in your body unconsciously have a powerful effect upon who you are, how you behave, and how you feel about yourself.

Sessions are usually about 50 minutes and clients are fully clothed. This method uses breathing patterns, body posture, sound, verbal expression, movement, kinesthetic awareness, imagination, and caring touch to access feelings. Patients are encouraged to explore the emotional and psychological roots of their tensions in order to restore balance and harmony and facilitate healing.